Jobs again!

Its been a week since I wrote a post as I have been very busy. Last Wednesday was so much fun when John came in to tell us about our new big camera! It was realy good and it made me think that a photographer would be such a cool job. I mean like going to weddings, big parties and large events would be so much fun. Even just having photography as a hobbie would be good, taking pictures of anything. I think that being a photographer would be quite expensive though 🙁 so i dont know how much I would be willing to pay just for a hobbie! any way i better go!



A photographer has been added to my very long job list! lol!

2 thoughts on “Jobs again!

  1. What a great post, Bethany!

    Mr Vass has always loved photography – even when he was quite young. I’ve never really shared his passion … but last weekend I went out to Beecraigs Park and took some lovely photographs (well, I thought they were lovely!)

    Thanks to John for inspiring me 🙂

    What makes you think that it’s an expensive hobby ??

  2. thanks for the comment mrs vass! Its a while since i have had one! I think it would be an expensive hobbie because you would have to keep buying all the stuff you need and printing the photos would be expensive too!

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