I love watching movies at home or at the cinema. I recently went to the cinema and to see Step Up 2. It was fab i don’t know if i liked it better than the first one or not as they were both great! Some of my fav films are The Parent Trap, Enchanted, The Princess Diaries 1 & 2, Cheaper by the Dozen 1 &2, Step Up 1 & 2, The wedding planner, A Cinderella Story and Hairspray. I could go on for hours if i didn’t stop there!:D! lol! I love disney and almost all of the disney films are my favourites too!

There is some of my fav films. What films do you like? Please comment me and tell!

POPCORN  Theatre   step up 2 The Parent Trap the princess diaries2 Cheaper By the Dozen 2 enchanted hairspray The Wedding Planner cinderella story disney logo I got these pictures from photobucket.

HERE is a link to a song that tells you all about the movies!

Mine and Darcie’s fashion wiki

Having a fashion disaster? or maybe you just want to get tips on what to buy? Well mine and darcie’s fashion wiki is the place to be! We can try to answer all your problems and give you tips plus more! If you want to visit it click HERE ! Hope to see you there! 🙂


sorry bout the cheesy post!

Music :D

I love listening to music and also making it. Some of my favourite bands and singers are Leona Lewis, Leon Jackson, Hillsong United, Audio AdrenalineRihanna, Aly and AJ, The Hoosiers, Bloc Party, Stacie Orrico and Kelly Clarkson. I better stop there before i go on for the whole year!:P! Maybe you haven’t heard of some of those people but maybe you should look them up and listen to them.

Bye 😀

Miss Law/ Drawing club

Miss law is the student that is in our class at the moment and she is really cool! 🙂 She has great ideas for work and likes to draw. We started up a drawing club when she came as she is such a brilliant drawer and we want her to help us and give us some tips! Its quite fun and sometimes people come out with some pretty good pieces of art work!

 pencils   Pencils

Jobs again!

Its been a week since I wrote a post as I have been very busy. Last Wednesday was so much fun when John came in to tell us about our new big camera! It was realy good and it made me think that a photographer would be such a cool job. I mean like going to weddings, big parties and large events would be so much fun. Even just having photography as a hobbie would be good, taking pictures of anything. I think that being a photographer would be quite expensive though 🙁 so i dont know how much I would be willing to pay just for a hobbie! any way i better go!



A photographer has been added to my very long job list! lol!

Valentines Day!

Valentines day may not be till Thursday but i decided i would write about it now. Valentines day is ok i suppose – a bit mushy though! : )  There is different types of love like if you say i love chocolate, which may be true is it the same love as you love your family or rose and Jack in the Titanic? Of course not! Anyway love is a nice thing sometimes apart from when it goes all romanticy! Everyone says you will have a different opinion on that when you are older though!

Choices :D

I didn’t really know what to write a post on and everyone seems to be writing about what they want to be when they are older. It got me thinking of how many choices we actually make in life. I mean there is little ones like what will i eat for breakfast? or what will i wear tomorrow? There are also bigger choices like Will i buy the game i want that is £45? The choice that quite alot gets to me is what i want to play when i go to my friends houses. I can never seem to decide. I think a reason for that is that you are worried incase the persons house you are at does not want to play that thing and you are making it boring for them. Another choice that is hard for me is what i want to be when i am older? When i was smaller i used to want to be a ballerina or a nurse but now that has changed especially because i dont really like programs that they cut people open and things. I just personally could not do that and i cant understand how some people can do that! I also used to want to be either a vet or a teacher until i found out that being a vet can involve putting animals down.:( ! A teacher i am still considering with about a million other jobs. If you think about it there is so much out there so i will just have to go with the flow and see what life throws at me!

My non-rhyming Poem

Hello! Yesterday in class we all wrote poems. I wrote this one. . . . .

What A Beautiful Night!

Walking along the soft, silky sand,

With the sea looking inviting and making calming sounds,

I look above at the twinkling stars and fluffy clouds,

The trees suddenly awake nicely swaying in the wonderful  moonlight.

What a beautiful night!

Jane Blonde

I love reading and at the moment i am reading a book by Jill Marshall called Jane Blonde – sensational spylet. It is really good and just one of those books that you just don’t want to put down! Its about a girl called Janey Brown who thinks she is pretty boring until she meets her long lost godmother who insits on being called G-mamma. G-mamma tells Janey all about who her dad was before he died-a spy! Janey also finds out her mum was also a spy but they brainwiped her so she dosent believe any of this. Janey finds herself climbing up the sides of buildings, trapped by the sinnerlesse enemy spies, flying and in a gorgeous silver spysuit. She finds herself being poisoned by people she trusts and loads more Janey is stuck with who to believe as quite a few people have decieved her. I can totally not wait till I finish the book as its so exciting! I also cannot wait till i read the rest of the books in the series!

Here is a picture from google images of the book below.