Christmas again!

Christmas is my favourite time of the year and its not just cause you get presents. The atmosphere is brill with all the lights and everything and i just love it! I wish my whole class a merry christmas and a fab 2008!!!:) i hope mrs Vass and all of my other friends who are not in my class have a great 2008 and a fab christmas. Please comment me to tell me your fav part of christmas.


I love Christmas and i cant wait as it is only 18 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all the decorations and getting presents. I dont forget the real meaning of Christmas though. I hate doing Christmas dancing its so boring and embarasing. But you have to be careful to not let that spoil ure Christmas.


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What do you think is the best tv programme?

4.Tracy Beaker
5.The X Factor

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My Poem


 Sometimes happy, funny and dramatic

Daughter of Michael and Diane

Sister of three

Lover of animals, sugar and fashion

Who feels happy when with my family

Who needs friends, chocolate and movies

Who gives presents, food and laughs

Who fears dying, knives and torture

Who likes to see Cruise Ships, clothes and shoes

Who lives on Earth


Facts on
We are doing a topic on Australia at the moment and a school we know from blogging live in
Australia. They sent us a really good book about down under and yesterday Mrs Vass read it to us. We all took notes of the facts we found interesting and here are the ones I liked.

1.            The animals Quokkas live in
2.            In the desert they went to the famous Australian landmark the pinnacles.
3.            They went snorkelling in Turquoise bay and the little girl said her favourite fish were the tiny blue angels.
4.            In the
Alice Springs they saw the famous Uluru rock and watched it change colour at night.
5.            They went floating down the Katherine Gorge below the Ochre cliffs.
6.            They saw the rock art called kakadu.
7.            At the mareeba rodeo in the far north the girl got a new hat.
8.            They went to the
Great Barrier Reef and saw loads of fish and coral.
9.            In cow bay they went beach coving.
10.    They went to
Sydney and watched a big firework display at the harbour bridge.

My Review on Webbliworld

Webbliworld is a fun website targeted at kids aged between  6 and 10 years old. There are lots of things to do like play games, watch videos and there are some competitions to enter. You can register,make a webli and do all sorts of fun things with it. Sometimes after awhile  webliworld becomes boring but on average it is quite a fun site to play on. Out of 10 I give webliworld 8. Here is a link to webbliworld- . Please leave me a comment to say what you think about it.